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  • Electronic  Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller  EIR-01
  • Electronic  Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller  EIR-01
Electronic  Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller  EIR-01Electronic  Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller  EIR-01

Electronic Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller EIR-01

  • Product description: Wholesale Electronic Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller EIR-01,Electronic Pest Repeller Effectively get ride of all pests including the mosquitoes ,spiders ,mice, rats.

Ultrasonic Insect Repeller EIR-01

Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller

1. Range:50-80sqm 2. No chemicals 3. Safe to human and pets

How to use:

After plugging the power on the wall,you can see the blue indicator light and themachine begin to work.Also you can hear electronic scanning sound from high frequency to low frequency.The frequency selected switch is on the left side,when you turn it to "H",it can lustrate small vermin,such as mosquito,black beetle,fly etc.;when you turn to "L",it can lustrate mouse.Then the vermin will disappear in several days,and you will never buy dangerous chemical medicine and clean the mouse cage!


1. This machine should be installed at 30-80cm away from the floor,and should be vertical to the floor and plug to the power socket
2. The installing point should be away from carpet,curtain etc.,or else,the effect of lustrating vermin will be weakened
3. It is normal that the vermin will increase at the beginning of the using days,because they will get away from their living place after the attack of the ultrasonic.
4. Forbidden:water,moisture,strong impregnant;Do not make striking on it To increase the effect,you should use several machines at the warehouse or goods pile-up,several rooms .

Effect Range:

1. This machine will have great effect in 50-80 square meters in the room.
2. This machine can lustrate house mouse, black beetle, mosquito, flea, fly, cricket, ant,wood ant etc vermin. So we can call it electronic lustrate mouse machine, electronic helminthes machine etc.
3. The ultrasonic that sent out from this machine is far away from hearing range of human being. They will not do harm to human being and pets. Also will not have affect on house machine.
4. This machine is safety and environment protected. Smell-less and flavorless.
5. Teeny used energy. (Total power<1W) and with advance photoelectron technology.


1.Voltage: 110 - 220V
2.Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
3.Power: 2.5W
4.LED indicator light
5.Easy one button operation
6.Dimensions: 10 x5.2x 2.5cm (LxWxT)
7.Neutral white design



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