Piezo Audio Indicators

Piezo Buzzer, Piezo audio indicator, Internal Circuitry Type .....

Magnetic Audio Indicators

Magnetic Buzzer, Magnetic Audio Indicators, Internal Circuitry Type ....

Micro Buzzers

Micro Buzzers,SMD Piezo Buzzers ,SMD Magnetic Buzzers

Pest control

Solar mole snake Repeller,USB Mosquito Killer Lamp.


Kaili Electronic Limited is electronic factory in China. We can supply all kinds of Buzzers : Magnetic Audio Indicator Buzzers, Audio Transducers , Piezo Audio indicators , Micro Buzzers , SMD Buzzers ,Pest Repeller etc.


We can supply best product &best price to you .Our R&D department continually designs new products for our existing customers and new clients. Welcome OEM !.

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